Vault Media Group, Inc. (VMG) is a unique media platform. VMG creates and markets luxury market and upscale-focused collectible publications, video/digital content and immersive experiences with global brands and icons from sports, arts/entertainment, and cultural institutions.

VMG is a content production and distribution company which operates in both the sports and the media and entertainment industries, including: book publishing (both print and digital); digital content, magazines (both print and digital); video/film production and location-based consumer experiences. It is focused primarily on the luxury/upscale market for its products and experiences, beginning with its license of the PGA TOUR intellectual property.

VMG brings together designers, photographers, and writers to chronicle brands, icons, and extraordinary accomplishments, celebrating their legacy through various products and experiences. It enters into licensing and distribution agreements with global brands, sports/entertainment associations, and other organizations and institutions to produce a slate of luxury media products, both print and digital. VMG also provides custom publishing and talent brand management services to a select group of clients.