Mark Skelly

Founder and CEO of VMG

He started his entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Flex-all 454, securing the endorsement of every NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL team. Flex-all 454, was acquired by Chattem Consumer Products and became one of the world’s leading topical analgesics with worldwide sales that have exceeded $100,000,000. Skelly then formed Pro Performance Inc. (PPI), a sports marketing company, where he assembled an influential board and secured consulting agreements with Fortune 500 companies. Skelly and his team produced videos for the NBA and MLB. PPI Inc. was acquired after three years of operation. Skelly was courted by veteran feature film writers/ producers, Mark Victor and Michael Grais whose gross box office revenues have exceeded over $650,000,000. Victor, Grais and Skelly formed a production & literary management company. After seven years of success, Skelly joined UK-based Kraken Sport Media as a consultant, and later became the President of Opus Media Group Americas and Global Managing Director. In that capacity, Skelly launched the critically acclaimed publications for Ferrari, Formula 1, and was the creator and Executive Producer of the Official Major League Baseball Opus. Skelly raised capital, secured licensing deals with the world’s biggest brands and icons, created derivative products from the IP, produced multimillion-dollar revenue streams, and was responsible for client relations at the highest level.

Lawrence Bracco

President & COO of VMG

Before joining VMG, he was the COO/CFO for BookPop Media Group, LLC, a global media company specializing in family entertainment. Bracco has a depth of entrepreneurial experience in international media production, distribution and finance. He was lead consultant in Marvel Entertainment’s licensing efforts in the Middle East; VP of Operations for USA Direct, a subsidiary of Fingerhut Companies, where he oversaw production on infomercial programs that generated more than $150 million over two years; COO of TVN Shopping; and VP Production for International TeleMusica, both 24-hour cable channels. As a TV direct marketer, he has been awarded 2 Platinum records for sales of over 1 million units of 101 Country Hits CDs. Bracco was also the co-founder and CEO for Mommy and Me Enterprises, a consumer lifestyle brand that provides products, information and activities to parents who want to spend more meaningful time with their children, and which was sold to DIC Entertainment in a multimillion-dollar transaction. Bracco has been involved in several public company start-ups, including serving as CMO for KTEL Direct, one of the first dot-com IPOs, CREDITZ Digital Currency, an early stage micro-payments technology, and GDET, which sold to a cryptocurrency mining facility.


David Meeks (Washington D.C.)

Executive Producer and Senior Managing Editor

Meeks is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, currently overseeing the PGA TOUR project. He joined the company in 2018 after a long tenure as managing editor of USA TODAY Sports. David manages the overall production of licensed publications for VMG, as well as serves as Editor-in-Chief  for the PGA TOUR Vault Experience.

Marc Serota (Key West, FL)

Chief Photographer and Senior Photo Editor

Marc provides VMG with his photographic expertise and assets, including a personal library of over 200,000 images of athletes, celebrities, and iconic subjects. He recently shot over 20 PGA Tournaments as well as Golf Hall of Fame members and archives.  Marc serves as Director of Photography for the PGA TOUR Vault Experience.


 Lyle Berman


Mr. Lyle A. Berman previously served as Chairman and CEO of Lakes Entertainment, Inc. from January 1999 until the merger of Golden Gaming group with a subsidiary of Lakes Entertainment, Inc. in 2015. Berman served as the Chairman of the Board of Grand Casinos, Inc. (the predecessor to Lakes) from October 1991 through December 1998. He was instrumental in the creation of the World Poker TOUR (WPT) and served as Executive Chairman of the Board of WPT Enterprises, Inc. from its inception in February 2002 until July 2013. Mr. Berman served as Chairman of PokerTek, Inc. from January 2005 until October 2011 and served on the board until 2014. Mr. Berman served as CEO of Rainforest Café, Inc. from February 1993 until December 2000. He is a member of several gaming Halls of Fame, and serves on several Boards of Directors, both public and private.

Christopher Lee


Chris Lee is uniquely qualified to provide strategic initiatives, partner development, operational and financial resources in all dimensions of consumer-oriented companies.  In 2011, Lee was appointed CEO of trendy fashion retailer Kitson, where he doubled revenue and orchestrated a strategic exit. For over 10 years, he served as Forever 21’s Senior Vice President while he helped bring EBITDA from $22 million in 2000 to over $250 million in 2008. Chris Lee was a sponsor for the Integrated Corporate Relations, introduced five companies at the NASDAQ’s 2006 Asia Xchange and continues to support these companies and others. Chris Lee was appointed to the Industrial Development Authority by Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa. Before joining the retail industry, Christopher Lee worked as a financial consultant for nearly 10 years managing high net worth clients across the full range of wealth management products.