PGA TOUR Vault, a first of its kind, immersive and interactive “living book” created and published by Vault Media Group (VMG) in partnership with the PGA Tour is now available for purchase. This limited edition, exclusive luxury publishing experience bridges the print and digital mediums with never before seen digital content.

There are two print versions, a 20” x 20” Marquee, which is the flagship product, and the Classic version, a 14” x 14” hand-bound masterpiece. Both editions showcase more than 500 pages of rich images and textured storytelling, and the Classic is on sale now via World Golf Hall of Fame member, Gary Player, celebrates and supports the project saying, “I have tremendous love for the game of golf and I’m grateful for what golf has provided me. Through this project with its incredible photos and stories, the game of golf and many people will benefit.” Proceeds of both Editions will help the First Tee and the Gary and Vivienne Player Foundation will also benefit from the Marquee sales.

VAULT MEDIA GROUP’s (VMG) exclusive licensing arrangement with the PGA TOUR brings this literary and photo documentary to life, chronicling the storied history and heroes of the PGA TOUR while celebrating the greatness of its most iconic people and players. The final luxury brand pieces are handcrafted and leather bound. Later this year, a collectible Marquee Edition featuring dozens of player autographs will be released in numbered limited edition.

VMG’s digital platform provides not only a “touch & turn” version of the PGA TOUR Vault, additional content through its proprietary app which is activated by various images in the print editions.  This unique content delivery system is updated from time to time as new content is curated and produced.  Each photo captures a treasured moment in history translated to literal works and words of art. The project was edited by Pulitzer Prize winning David Meeks with exclusive photography by renowned photographer, Mark Serota, as well as a host of others.

Describing the one-of-a-kind project, Vault Media Group CEO, Mark Skelly said, “Our content is unique and cinematic in ways that need to be experienced to be believed, starting with this PGA TOUR Vault. The company vision is to create legacy projects that present a celebratory journey for treasured brands and icons of sports, history and culture.”

“We are building a seamless bridge between our luxury physical publications and the digital world,” explained Lawrence Bracco, President & COO for VMG. “Our digital platform and ability to curate ongoing content will make this PGA TOUR Vault a one-of-a-kind experience.”

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