Custom Publishing Services

VMG has created a transmedia platform to create luxury print publications, digital content and immersive experiences with global brands and icons from sports, entertainment and culture.  

We can now provide custom production and publishing services to select clientele who seek unique, luxury-focused print and/or digital publishing experiences. 

VMG’s management team has a historical track record of attracting and managing world class creative and production personnel.  VMG is completing production on its PGA TOUR Vault Experience and in advanced talks with other blue-chip clients.  We can work with flexible project deliverables with ability for client input and approvals at all levels of the production process.  

VMG’s Custom Publishing Services can provide a unique opportunity for customer and stakeholder content, outreach, branding, marketing and promotion.

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Talent/Brand Management

VMG provides customized, senior-level management, media, marketing and production services to a select group of A-list athletes and celebrities.  We provide unique business opportunities that allow the talent to own and control their personal brand and creative interests.  The objective is to extend the reach of the talent into multiple industries and audiences, without interfering with the client’s core career.

VMG is not an agent nor manager, but rather a service partner that focuses on the brand of the Client first, assets second, and profits last but certainly not least.  Our media, publishing and merchandizing experience sets us apart from the fiduciary partners of high-profile clients, yet we mesh well with agents and managers help to maximize the overall client brand.  

In today’s increasingly complex universe, especially with the emerging metaverse, web3, and other technologies, VMG can help navigate these new waters on the talent’s behalf.

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